Full Time RV Family Taking A Detour From "The American Dream"

Family of 4 (Plus 2 Goldendoodles) Full Time RV Living, Homeschooling & Adventuring Around The U.S #TakeTheDetour

Meet The Dixon's

Steven, Brittany, Kenna & Layla Dixon

We have been camping for years. Steven started with tent camping (and roughing it..) He roped me into tent camping a few times too, until kids. Then after kids we ended up getting an old fifth wheel and old truck. It was 28 foot and a perfect starter camper.

When 2020 came, we camped even more since everything was closed. We quickly realized we loved being able to see new things and have location freedom. We also were shown how short life really is and that you have to take advantage of every experience. So in September 2022, I had this crazy idea that we should start looking at living in it for a year and exploring. It was just an idea. But we kept talking about it.

Then in January 2023, the stars aligned with a new remote job opportunity and we jumped in head first. We bought a new truck, sold the old one and started the search for a new camper. Then we found "Detour" (the name of our camper) at an RV show in Indiana and fell in love!

How to Go Full Time

  • Rent an RV for a week (to make sure you like it)
  • Decide How Long You Want to Go
  • Decide Where You Want to Go (The General Path)
  • Figure Out Remote Work Opportunities (Check Out My Free Guide to Affiliate Marketing Here!)
  • Figure Out Internet Options (Here's Ours)
  • Figure Out Home Schooling (My Fave!)
  • Decide on Renting or Selling Your House
  • Minimize Your Stuff and Then More!
  • Get Ready for An Adventure!!


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Travel Internet

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Take Control of Your Child’s Education

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Tools that Make Camping Simple. RV Life Pro has an RV Safe GPS (Super Important for Big Rigs that are Tall and Long for some roads). There is also an Awesome Trip Planner!



Enjoy year-round camping in the great outdoors at Thousand Trails’ network of campgrounds, with spacious campsites & hiking trails. This Membership Makes it Affordable to Live in an RV!



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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Cost?

This is completely variable & dependant on MANY things. Do you have a truck payment? Is the Truck Gas or Diesel? Do you have an RV payment? The life costs are pretty much the same as in a house. We rent our house out so that covers the Mortgage and Utlitlies.

Here are some things to consider:

Thousand Trails Camping Membership - $225/month (Site, Electric, Water, Trash included)

Diesel - $500-$1,000/month depending on how much you travel

Vehicle Insurance - $250 (Truck, Car & RV)

Internet - $150/month (Use this link!)

TV Subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, Disney) - $35/month

Kindle Unlimited (for Reading) - $12/month

Time4Learning Homeschool Subscription - $40/month (Use this link!)

Groceries - $1000/month

Emergency Fund - $250/month

Activity/Self Care/New Restaurants Fund - $300/month

How Do You Make Money?

My Business (Brittany & Co.) is an online business that helps other business owners with back end operations & business organization. I also help people with affiliate marketing and other online money making opportunities & education.

Steven has a remote job with a Commercial Plumbing Company in Columbus Ohio. He was able to be hired with the option to go remote when we hit the road.

There are lots of ways you can make money online! Let's chat and find the best one for you. Start Here

How Do You Stay Connected?

We use Easy Choice Wireless to stay connected for work and have internet to do zoom calls with family and friends. Check out our Discount Code HERE

How Do You Homeschool?

We use a combonation of Time4Learning Cirriculum and roadschooling.

How Much Stuff Can You Have in an RV?

You have to be so so intentional with what you bring. I will say that some models of RVs have more storage than others, but you still can't bring everything with you. Just remember RV's are about 300-400 Square Feet. You have to make decisions on what you HAVE to have and what things bring you joy. This is a very personal decision that will be different for each person but just know that you can actually live with LESS!

How Do You Plan Travel?

We decide on general location first (which states and cities) and then we start planning details like specific campgrounds, national parks, attractions and more.

We use RV Life to Map Out Our Trips in a much more organized and easy way. Check it out HERE!

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